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Singer & Songwriter

Welcome, my name is Richard and music is my passion. I’ve been singing actively for about two years and i´m chasing the dream of becoming a full time musician.

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IamRichard on Twitch

I am 29 years old and have two kids (Noah and Viggo) and my beautiful wife Julia. She joins me occasionally on stream to sing some harmonies tunes every now and then. I have always wanted to sing, literally for my whole life it has been my biggest passion. But singing has always been a fragile thing for me, maybe the most fragile thing!

So it took me a good 27 years before I dared to sing in front of people, and it happened in February 2019. A couple of months after that I started streaming music on Twitch. Now I am chasing the dream of becoming a full time musician.

Come on in and request a song!

My streams are fairly mellow with chill vibes which makes it a very warm and welcoming place. Community is fantastic and i have a incredible crew of mods in my channel. Without the community and my mods I wouldn’t be where I am today.

– Join the music, join our community and join the shenanigans on stream!
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If you want to get involved and have a good chat when I am not streaming, please join the discord. You can also suggest songs for me to learn, get food inspiration in the “foodporn”- channel and enjoy other peoples art and music!


My Youtube Channel

I share my music content on YouTube for the best community experience. Hang along and enjoy my unique way of amplifying my passion.

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